Empowering needy communities

Who we are

Our vision

We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to close the education gap in the most underserved communities in the world. 
Since 2015, EduKey Foundation has been offering free online learning opportunities to refugees and other underserved communities. Through the innovative programs, students gain the skills and knowledge they need to build better lives in their new home countries.

Our supporters

Our success depends on our sponsors and supporters. As a collaborative organization, our impact and scope would not be possible without our fundraising and knowledge supporters.

Commitment & Dedication

We’re dedicated to our shared vision and mission: to empower students, support partners, and work together to make a collective impact.

Students come first

When we prioritize our students, we make decisions and take action based on the needs of our students and the best interests of students overall

Continuous Learning

We are committed to continuous learning and growth. We are constantly expanding our knowledge, improving and experimenting in our work.

Respect for others

We believe in making decisions that have the greatest possible impact on individuals and society. 
A diverse team united by a common goal


Georgia Davis

Chief Executive Officer

Olivia Emma

Partnerships Manager

Liam Benjamin

Head of Project Management

Ava Luna

Community Manager

Together, we are changing the world

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